For Mercedes SRS CLA C117 X117 GLA X156 Passenger Seat Mat Occupancy Sensor Emulator Bypass - Mat-Emulators


For Mercedes SRS CLA C117 X117 GLA X156 Passenger Seat Mat Occupancy Sensor Emulator Bypass

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Compatible with a 3-wired connector. colors: red, white, brown or black, brown, blue. This emulator will not work with seat mats with different colors of the wires

  1. For EUROPEAN Mercedes. Please read the description carefully. 

With 3 wired seat occupancy sensor - please check it before purchase - doesn't fit 2 wired seat mat

  1. This car won't work with cars sold in the USA and Canada, and it will won't work with cars equipped with front passenger seat with the Weight Sensing System (WSS, SA Code: U10)! 

CLA I Coupe (C117, 01.2013 - 03.2019)
CLA I Shooting Brake (X117, 01.2015 - 03.2019)

How to check if you have a WSS seat mat or normal passenger mat?

 Please, visit and enter the VIN number and scroll down thru the codes. 


If you car does not have U18 code then please send us a VIN number via web chat or email and we will try to help you choose the right emulator. 

What you get:    

1 x  2in1 small design Seat Occupancy Mat Sensor Emulator (Bypass Unit) CE and RoHS compliant    

 1 x seat belt emulator with original plug (it switches off the unfasten seat belt sound and light)

1 x Installation Instruction

        Instead of an faulty passenger occupancy seat sensor, you can install this emulator, which is a safe and inexpensive solution. The Seat Occupancy Emulator is designed to override your defective passenger occupancy mat and fix you airbag warning light.
      After proper connecting the device to your car’s computer a signal about the presence of a passenger will be sent, even in his absence.


It takes only a few minutes since there is no de-installation of the seat. The control box simulates a permanently occupied passenger seat, and in case of an accident, airbag will ALWAYS deploy - with or without a passenger on the seat.

In some cases it might be necessary to delete the fault with diagnostic device.

 Please be aware: do not not place the child seat on the front seat!

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